It's okay to turn it off

A never-ending stream of pictures. People who are prettier than you, happier than you, more confident than you. Weddings that are fancier than yours was, with sun-dappled trees, luscious desserts and delighted relatives. Or perhaps it’s the status updates from everyone who is where you aren’t, but wish you were.

And the billboards and the magazine ads always show us the people we’d like to be instead of the people we are.

In the short run, gazing at all this perfection gives us a short hit of dopamine, a chance to imagine what it might be like.

Over time, though, the grinding inadequacy caused by the marketing machine wears us down.

It’s okay to turn it off.

— Seth Godin, Inadequacy on parade

I think sometimes it can feel like we have to try to be connected to everything all the time, because that's what everyone is doing, so it must be expected of us as well.

Sometimes all it takes to feel free to change is permission, "It's okay."

It's okay to turn it off.