Looking Back

This week I stumbled down a rabbit hole; I found most of my old blogs over at The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. Nearly all my old posts were there, most of which I thought were gone forever, along with all sorts of links to people and events I had forgotten about.

I was able to use the wayback machine downloader to download all the old content (sans some of the images), and now it's stored safely in a backup folder.

As I was going through the old posts I considered re-posting all of them, reviving the historical record of my blogging. After I read through them, though, there were just so many that I now disagree with that I'm not sure I'll be re-posting them after all.

It's an interesting experience to see your past self and realize how much you've changed. For me, there's both the embarrassing element of reading something I would never write today as well as the satisfaction of having not been in stasis for the last decade or more.

I'm still sifting though the backlog; some of the old posts will probably get resurrected, but I think it might be best to just leave some of them to the dust of time, or at least down in the depths where only those who are willing to go spelunking will stumble across them.