Frosty morning

This may be the best weather week of the next decade for Phoenix.

Starting to think the end is nigh for my use of the Echo. I feel like Amazon is getting really close to my creepiness threshold with their home automation API monitoring. I think my only option if I want the convenience is to swap with a HomePod.

A few of the topics among my 55 currently open browser tabs:

  • How to make your own magnetic ink
  • How to make Tolkien-style fantasy maps
  • Wordpress XML-RPC API
  • Server ping time history
  • Some old blog posts from Wayback Machine
  • CSS Flexbox guide
  • Humans.txt guide
  • Rails routing guide

Hill Charts

My co-worker, Jordan, wrote about some of the problems we've faced when using Hill Charts in Basecamp 3. Overall I think Hill Charts are a tremendous improvement over something like a progress bar, but there are clearly ways they can improve.

It’s annual drain-and-refill the pool weekend.

It’s a beautiful morning for church setup!

Picture of a cloudy sunrise.

This is amazing: A Captain Marvel 1990s website homage.

Oak Update: February 8, 2019

After some more work Oak now supports posting images via multipart upload, edging ever closer to full-coverage of the Micropub spec!

The main items remaining:

  • Post un-deletion
  • OAuth token scopes
  • Support for posting nested Microformats objects
  • Querying of Micropub endpoint

Frosty Morning