Here's hoping this is a long-lasting change!

Enjoying StimulusJS so far. It’s helping to bring organization to where it has been sorely lacking.

Tried to get Webpack working with Rails today.

Gave up after an hour+ of pure frustration.

I'm so far behind on modern Javascript capabilities and conventions.

Oak Update

Oak, the Rails blogging engine I've been working on, now supports 20 out 34 Micropub tests.

Making progress.

Push versus Pull

John Cook has a great post this week about digital overload.

I think the important distinction isn’t digital vs. analog, but rather push vs. pull, or passive vs. active. When you’re online, companies are continually pushing things at you: ads, videos, songs, shopping recommendations, etc. You either passively accept whatever is pushed at you, and feel gross after a while, or you exert willpower to resist what is being pushed at you, and feel tired.

This really resonates with me.

As I continue to think a lot about the modern digital world, distraction, and overload, this is a new way to process all that I’ve been pondering.

I think John is onto something here.

There are still so many things about the Micropub spec that feel completely arbitrary and contradictory to me. I know that smart people worked hard on this, and they weren't being capricious, but I have yet to learn how to think the Micropub Way.

I am so ready for the weather to cool off.

Refactor Day

Yesterday I chose to set the entire day apart to only do some basic code cleanup and minor refactoring.

I renamed methods and variables, DRYed up a bunch of duplicate code, extracted a few things into swift extensions, and deleted unused code and no-longer-necessary debugging output.

It was a nice change of pace, our code base is now cleaner than it was at the beginning of the day, and I left feeling great at having left things better than I found them.

I’m going to do this again soon.

Pacific. 📸

That was a good way to start the ASU season.

Threatening Skies.