There are still so many things about the Micropub spec that feel completely arbitrary and contradictory to me. I know that smart people worked hard on this, and they weren't being capricious, but I have yet to learn how to think the Micropub Way.

I am so ready for the weather to cool off.

Refactor Day

Yesterday I chose to set the entire day apart to only do some basic code cleanup and minor refactoring.

I renamed methods and variables, DRYed up a bunch of duplicate code, extracted a few things into swift extensions, and deleted unused code and no-longer-necessary debugging output.

It was a nice change of pace, our code base is now cleaner than it was at the beginning of the day, and I left feeling great at having left things better than I found them.

I’m going to do this again soon.

Pacific. 📸

That was a good way to start the ASU season.

Threatening Skies.

I think the best part of this California net neutrality bill is that it bans zero-rating, which is a far more serious net neutrality issue than even throttling.

Not sure I'm getting the vibes I want from the First Man trailers, but I can't see a situation where I don't go see it. Even if it's awful, watching anything Apollo related in IMAX will be amazing.