Pacific. 📸

That was a good way to start the ASU season.

Threatening Skies.

I think the best part of this California net neutrality bill is that it bans zero-rating, which is a far more serious net neutrality issue than even throttling.

Not sure I'm getting the vibes I want from the First Man trailers, but I can't see a situation where I don't go see it. Even if it's awful, watching anything Apollo related in IMAX will be amazing.

I've updated Oak, the Rails blogging engine I'm working on, to support webmentions.

Both sending and receiving are supported at this time, though manually.

Sending is manual so that you can control if/when you actually want to send a ping.

Processing of a received mention is manual so that we don't become a vector for DDoS, nor post spam all over our own sites. Received mentions live in a queue, and you can process them as you wish.

Time for a quick test of webmetions. Going to try one in response to this post on my page

This is a great development!

Changing Our Approach to Anti-tracking