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Apple Watch, Two Weeks In

It’s been 2 weeks since my 42mm Apple Watch Sport arrived. (So much for not “getting one immediately”, I know). So far the experience has been mostly great.

At this point I’m dividing my thoughts into three categories: Frustrations, Delights, and Hopes.


  • I had to do a full un-pair then
  • re-pair of the watch (which is basically a restore from scratch), 2 times in the first week. I think this was at least in part due to some weird bug in one of the apps I was attempting to write for the watch, since the symptoms disappeared with I disabled some “clever” code I was using.
  • Related to the need to restore, there have been a few times where some very obviously 1.0 bugs showed their heads. For example, sometimes the time doesn’t show when you raise your arm, or shows only for a half second or so before disappearing.
  • I went on a 1-hour walk, using the workout app, and got no credit for it in the activity app.
  • If I wearing the watch loosly and doing something else, like the dishes, or working outside, it’s possible to miss the taps; they aren’t as strong as I would have expected in some cases.
  • The app icons are just too hard to tap.
  • Too much functionality is hidden behind Force Taps. I find myself force tapping everything, just to see if there’s a hidden feature.
  • Glances are basically useless because they don’t update in the background. So you go to glance at a glance and instead you have to have an awkward and lingering stare while it tries to update itself.
  • My two favorites watch faces so far, Solar and Motion, don’t allow any complications to be added.
  • Siri doesn’t auto-send a dictated response, you still have to tap to “Send” on the screen. It would be really nice if there was a sort of cancelable count-down timer on the send button, so you could see that Siri got the text correct, then just drop your wrist and let it send in the background.
  • Having the side button open your favorite contacts seems like a complete waste. I’d much prefer it launch a favorite app or glance.
  • Sometimes opening an app is just slooooooow.
  • “Hey Siri” doesn’t always work (doesn’t bring up Siri). Which is made even more frustrating because when it does work, the speech recognition is excellent.


  • The faces are much nicer than I expected. The demos really did not do them justice.
  • I love being able to change the face from day to day or hour to hour.
  • I love the activity tracking. It’s actually affecting my behavior, getting me to be a bit more active. Hopefully that sticks.
  • The heart rate and workout tracking has been great. I love the data that it’s collecting (I’m kind of a data nerd, to say the least).
  • The battery lasts way more than a day. I go to bed with about 40% charge remaining every day.
  • It not too small, not too big.
  • The bands are very nice. I’m still looking forward to more 3rd party options, but the mechanism for changing them is fantastic, and the ones Apple has made are very nice.
  • Opening your garage door from your wrist is just fun.
  • Seeing who’s at your front door on your wrist is also just fun.
  • Dictation on the watch is very, very good.
  • “Hey Siri, Set a timer for 20 minutes” when your hands are full is very convenient.
  • Not wondering if I missed a notification, since I can glance at my wrist and see that there isn’t a red dot. This has led me to leave my phone in my pocket or on the table much more than I expected.
  • Being able to respond to an iMessage while driving, without having to take hands off the wheel, is great.
  • The taps on the wrist when navigation is running are Just Right.
  • Sports scores updates on your write with a glance is great.
  • “Hey Siri, Add milk to my Grocery List”


  • Increased stability. It really isn’t bad, but there are enough rough edges that I’m looking forward to versions 2, 3, 4…
  • Customization of the side button functionality.
  • More watch faces, please.
  • More customization of watch faces.
  • 3rd party app complications.
  • Auto-updating glances in the background.
  • Native or Native-esque apps. No more spinning dots please.
  • I hope my favorite Grocery List app, AnyList, gets an app on the watch.
  • Oddly enough, I kinda wish it had an LED you could use as a flashlight.
  • I hope to be able to set the watch face to use 24 hour time (maybe this is possible and I’ve missed it so far).
  • I hope that nice 3rd party bands become available soon.


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