Working my way through The Manual, by Epictetus (translated by Sam Torode), and really enjoying it. I should have taken philosophy in college, but I'm glad it's so easy to dive into topics like this these days!

Recent Articles I've Enjoyed

It wasn't that hard to convince the world that everyone(ish) needed anti-virus installed on their computer.

The next step is ad-blocking software on every device.

Nothing Fails Like Success

Jeffrey Zeldman, in "Nothing Fails Like Success"

A family buys a house they can’t afford. They can’t make their monthly mortgage payments, so they borrow money from the Mob. Now they’re in debt to the bank and the Mob, live in fear of losing their home, and must do whatever their creditors tell them to do.

Welcome to the internet, 2019.

A fantastic article looking at the price we've all paid for advertising-funded mass market media services.

This weekend I picked up an art pencil kit and sketch book in an attempt to get better at drawing.

This is going to take a while.

I really enjoyed this piece by Robert W. Jenson, "How The World Lost Its Story."