Adventures in Buying a Telescope

Buying a telescope, returning it, and finding the right scope for me.

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Tick, Tock

As I lay upon my bed
With family gathered there around
I found myself transported by
a long-heard faithful sound

A tick and tock I’d heard so long
A sound that never ceased
A friend that with me ever was
From south to north, from west to east

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A wave crashes on a beach in the Pacific Ocean.

August 22, 2016
iPhone 6s, Shutter: 1/3846, f11/5, ISO: 25

Calculating the Dewpoint in Ruby

I needed this today; maybe it will help someone else.

humidity should be 0-100 temp_c is a float

l = Math.log(humidity / 100.0)
m = 17.27 * temp_c 
n = 237.3 + temp_c 
b = (l + (m / n)) / 17.27
dewpoint_c = (237.3 * b) / (1 - b)

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All Or Nothing?

I just finished watching All or Nothing, a documentary that chronicles the Arizona Cardinals’ 2015 season in the NFL. From August to January we followed the ins and outs of each week, each game. In the end, though they were close to their goal, they lost the conference championship game. Their season was a failure.

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